Buenos Aires

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Ooops, wrong colour There is too much to see Buenos Aires for only one day. Luckily, our hotel was near Plaza de Mayo, so we could walk to some of the most important sights. But we had to pocket extras like the Recoleta cemetery for another visit. At the Plaza de Mayo you find the Casa Rosada, the pink coloured presidential palace. Strange emblem
We found out that Santa Claus must be living somewhere in Argentina, as his hat is in the shield.

Las Madres are supposed to walk around the Plaza every Thursday, but as we were here on Wednesday, we didn't see them. We did see veterans of the Falkland war, stating the Falklands were, are and will be Argentinean. Perhaps they never were told the British won that war? It took us some time to recognize the cathedral, as it looks like a Greek library from the outside. Once inside it is a real cathedral, with lots of chapels.

Plaza de Mayo

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

The former wood harbour has been transformed into an area with lots of bars and restaurants. It reminded us of Dusseldorf and Bristol. Especially in sunny weather, this is a great place to have a frozen coffee with strawberry (or a beer).

We were in Buenos Aires the day before Sylvester, and we noticed lots of people throwing paper out of the window. We found out it were the last year's agendas, blowing in the wind. And people who couldn't part from their agenda could tear up some blank paper and throw that away. 

The former wood harbour


Buenos Aires is a different word for tango. There are lots of shows and places where you can have a look or try your own skills. We went to one of the shows, and enjoyed an evening with spectacular dance, music and singing.

 Piazzolla The singer

Tango hall

Tango dancers

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