El ChaltÚn

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Empty landscape
And again some hours further away lies El ChaltÚn, at the north side of the National Park Los Glaciares. El ChaltÚn is built just for tourists, as an easy access to the National Park. And it is amazing how ugly they had made it. Although, our guide book said some people tried to make something nice of it, with buildings that look like Swiss chalets, so if that takes on it could get worse.

We have some hours of daylight left on the day we arrived, so we do one of the short walks, the Eagles view. From this viewpoint you can see the last kilometres of the road driving in. And when you have a really big magnification, you can see the returning bus somewhere on the left of the picture on top.

 A river

Leon enjoying the view

The most famous walk at El ChaltÚn is to the Laguna de los Tres, a lake at the foot of the Fitz Roy Mountain. On the way over you have a great look at the mountains (especially when it isn't as cloudy as when we were there).

We could also wonder again at the growth of the small lakes: at the shore there is no vegetation, but in the middle it is full with al kinds of plants.

Grass in the middel

A camping bird

Camping Poincenot is not far from the end of the trail. This is a great point to have a break. Not only is it sheltered, but you have a big chance of seeing the birds of prey above. They reminded us of the Kea's in New Zealand: one of them does some tricks, and the other gets all food from your rucksack when you are looking at the first.

 Up in the mountains


Because of the heavy wind we didn't finish the last bit of the track to the Laguna. You don't have much to hold onto, and we preferred to go down the normal way. So that is the second lake with a mountain above it we didn't see this holiday. Happily, the clouds were too low to see anything of Fitz Roy anyway.

Green landscape with waterfall


Still a long way to go

The last day in El ChaltÚn we went to Lago Torre, again a lake with a mountain above it. The landscape here is quite different: more forest (with woodpeckers) and some waterfalls. And this time we did reach the lake, but because of the clouds we couldn't see the mountain. Although we did see the glacier ending in the lake.

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