Tierra del Fuego

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Fin del Mundo Isla Redonda

Tierra del Fuego is considered the end of the world. You can get your passport stamped at the southernmost post office (actually, at both of them: the one on the shore and the one at the little island Isla Redonda just south of it). And probably you can also get it stamped at Puerto Williams in Chile, still a few more kilometres more south. Although it takes a lot of effort to get there.




Isla Redonda carries the pirate flag. When going there, ask about it: the people are happy to explain it all. One thing: it has nothing to do with prisoners. Leon does look good in a prisoner costume, though. You can hire one when visiting the former prison, now a great museum with anything you can imagine. Here you can learn about the similarities between Tierra del Fuego and Australia.

In jail

The ski lift

Just outside Ushaia lies another glacier. You can get most of the way by bus, or you can walk there. The path goes mainly through the forest, and partly along the ski lifts. The glacier is not as spectacular as the ones in the National Park Los Glaciares or Torres del Paine. But this is one you can walk over without any risks. Even if you fall in a gap, you can't fall deeper than about one meter.

 More ice

 The famous lighthouse

Ushaia is also a great place to get on a boat. A lot of people do that seriously: they go on a cruise ship for 6 to 10 days to Antarctica. We don't like sailing, so a short trip through the Beagle channel to see birds is enough for us. First we go to the light house, situated on a big stone.


Great skua

Another cormorant On the way we see several kinds of cormorants, great skuas, flightless ducks, arctic goose and so on. The Spanish photographers are also impressed by all the birds we can see.

The boat we take, is one of few who is allowed to stop at an island, a Nature reserve. The son of the skipper tells a lot about the flowers we see here, and we can get very close to a colony of rock cormorants.

Spanish photographer

Feeding the chicks

At the end of the tour we stop at a colony of sea lions. When after some time one of the bigger touring boats arrive, we find out we can get a lot closer to the animals than they do. So when you go there± take one of the small touring ships! Leon (who was this summer in China) finds out sea lions sound exactly the same as Chinese: ˝hhhaGGGGGGGghh pffft˝

Am I having fun?

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