Santiago de Chile

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Our trip started in the beginning of December, when Holland was dark and rainy. After lots of hours of flying we arrived in the long, sunny, summer days of Santiago. We started by wandering around a bit, visiting the La Merced church and the green park-hill of Santa Lucia.

A great invention is the Food Court: a central place with tables and lots of small restaurants around. You pick what you like at any of the restaurants, and still can eat at the same table as your friend, who preferred another restaurant.


Santiago and many other cities in South America have a regular street pattern, started by the armies that founded these cities. Once you are used to it, it is really easy to find your way. There is no need to ask the guard of the Moned Palace which way you have to go.

The Museum of Contemporary Art and of Belles Artes has a magnificent roof, which reminds us of the British Museum. Expect of course this one is much older than the one in London. You can find the clock on the Central Station.

Santiago mixes old and new without any problem: a modern glass bridge between old buildings, and a glass tower behind the cathedral. Anything is possible.


A must is the Pre-Columbian museum, where you can find art from the inhabitants of South-America before Columbus. Really great sculptures and normal day objects give insight in the old cultures of this area.

After visiting the Pre-Columbian museum, the streets of Santiago look very Spanish. You can have a café cortado on a terrace in one of the small streets called London or Paris, while little girls in brides like dresses are preparing for their First Communion.

A view you should not miss is from the hilltop just outside the city. You can get up by cable car, by funicular or by (rental) bike, just the last meters to the statue of Maria you have to walk yourself. From here you can see the whole city. 

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