Torres del Paine

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The most popular place to go in Chilean Patagonia is the National Park Torres del Paine. And with reason! Up at the flanks of the mountains of the Andes, it has a variety of landscapes: mountains, lakes, glaciers and valleys.

And because here are no cattle (apart from the area around the one farm), it is covered with flowers, like de vivid red Firebush and several types of orchids. On the flower-page of this site you can find more of the flowers.

Red flowers

Walking path

The W-walk is the most famous one and covers a lot of the area of the park. The first part of the W is to the Grey glacier. Even after seeing lots of glaciers, it is still impressive to see the blue-white snow and ice towering 100 meters high above a light blue lake.

Lago Grey

View over Grey glacier

Grey glacier

Sunset over the Paine mountains.


Flowers and mountains

It takes some time to get the little yellow birds on a picture.

A bird Ibis birds
Valle Frances



A part of the National Park is owned by a farm. You can here hire horses for trips around the park. And in the evening you can see how the gauchos drive the horses to another feeding area. But although it is fun to look at the horses, you can also see that where ever the horses are, only the flowers are left that they don't like.


We didn't have much luck on our last day, going to the Mirador de los Torres, as it was very windy. A large part of the way, you walk sheltered in the forest, so there is no problem.

 But the last bit to the Mirador you walk over an exposed stretch, with hardly anything to hold onto. The wind almost blew us from the mountainside, we were glad we only saw the lens cover disappear in the depth. We decided to go back before anything nasty happened. And besides, the clouds were too low to get a view from the Torres anyway.

 Morning view\

The refugio

The Las Torres refugio has a great view on the mountains, including the Torres itself. And we even had a few moments without clouds covering the Torres. 

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