Avalon Peninsula


Ferryland lies a bit down the Avalon peninsula. Our guide book told us we could have a truly unique experience here: a picnic that you could buy at the light house and eat somewhere in the dunes. As we were a bit early for picnic, we brought our own coffee and had that while sitting in the dunes. Truly unique!

Hey, that's us

Ferryland lighthouse

Red and blue

Picknick between pink flowers

Mistaken Point

The almost-most-southern cape of Avalon is Mistaken Point, obviously called that way because they thought it was the most southern point.

Scary stuff

Fossils But the geographic location is not important, what is are the fossils. In the rock are hundreds of them, about 500 million years old.

The most of them look like ferns, and they are between 10 and 20 centimetres big. Of course it is not allowed to bring them with you, except as photo's.

Nice flower

Salmonier Wildlife Park


From whoever missed the Fox, Owl, Mink, Marten or Moose: go to Salmonier Wildlife Park. Here you get another change for a picture of wild life. We even saw a Lynx, who usually stays hidden until we leave. But the Caribou who we really hoped to see, was probably just behind the hill in his plot. 

Snow owl

Cape Mary

The emptiness

Tons of guano close-by gannet viewing
Another not-the-southernmost point is Cape Mary. After driving through a landscape where there is absolutely nothing, you reach a building and a parking space. Here you can walk in 10 minutes to a colony of Northern Gannets. The rock with 40,000 birds is only a few metres away, you can almost touch the birds. And although we had seen a similar colony in New Zealand, we had forgotten the immense noise of 40,000 birds shouting at each other where they are. Earlier in the summer you can also see Razor Bills, Cormorants, Murres, Guillemot and Kittiwakes here. In September most of them had already left for there winter resorts.
lots of gannets

1 gannet