Digby: Whale watching

Digby and islands

Boardwalk on Long Island

Indian summer ?

West of Digby lies the Digby Neck, a narrow peninsula. At the western tip is a ferry to Long Island, an island that is pretty long. Here we walked through the pines and red-turning Maple trees to the coast, where the Balancing Rock can be found. Or better, could be found, as you can see on the picture below.

The Balancing Rock



This is the best boat!

Another ferry brought us to Brier Island, which is mostly known for the whale watching tours in the Bay of Fundy. We had a tour on the blue boat to the left, but there are more trips you can take.

Soon after leaving the harbour the sailor said "Look, there is a Mink whale" and we saw a dot in the distance disappearing below the waves. "Well, that was it for today" we thought, but that appeared not to be true. In fact, we saw lots of Humpback whales, and very close to the boat as well. We could even smell their breath (which was an event we could have done without). But the sight of these enormous animals is quite magnificent.

You can also do a whale watching tour by Zodiac, which has a few disadvantages. No toilet for 4 hours, for example.

Zodiac whale watching tour

Humpback whale

Quite close to the whales