Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. This is where we started our holiday in Canada. After arriving on the airport, we went to Bedford, which is one of the surrounding villages. We had dinner, had a view of one of the big bridges and three chimneys. And then we went to bed.

Cormorant in the mist

The harbour

First impression of Halifax

We were told the light in Halifax is in the morning very beautiful. So we arrived in the centre at about 9 a.m., ... to find it covered in mist. But it made a great opportunity to look very close at everything in the harbour, from cormorants to ropes.


One of the main attractions of Halifax is the Maritime Museum. It has a lot of exhibitions, varying from pirates to sea wrecks and from model ships to the real thing. There's also a large exhibition about the Titanic.

Divers at work

Pier 21

Halifax was the point of entry for about one million European people who immigrated to Canada. In Pier 21 is an interesting exhibition about these people and the way they started their new lives.

Clock tower Citadel guard Halifax has a fort, called the Citadel. Just outside is a clock tower, donated by a British duke who thought the people were not accurate enough. To help them even more, every day a cannon is fired at noon. Unfortunately they fire a blank, and not real cannon balls to the ugly office buildings just outside the Citadel.

Noon cannon