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Everybody told us the West of Canada is more beautiful than the East. So, to avoid disappointment when we go to another part of this country, we start with the East: Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. This strategy worked: we really enjoyed is. We spent a lot of time kayaking and walking, saw a lot of animals, visited historical sites and met nice people. So, next time we will go a bit further to the West.

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Point of entry for 1 million immigrants

Peggy and Lunenburg
Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg

Mandatory visits for tourists

Kejimkujik N.P.
Kejimkujik National Park

A canoer's paradise

Digby: whale watching
Whales very close by
A bay with whales and high and low tides

The Acadians
Neutral between French and British
Tidal Bore rafting
Upriver rafting on the Tidal Bore

This is a fun thing to do
Sherbrooke open air museum

The 19th century relives
Cape Breton
Cape Breton
Moose and bald eagles

The South West
South West Newfoundland

Just like Iceland

Gros Morne N.P.
Gros Morne National Park
Barren country
The North
Lots of Icebergs (but not in September)
Terra Nova and Trinity
Terra Nova National Park and Trinity

Nature and history
St. John's 
St. John's
A real city
Avalon Peninsula
Capes and fossils

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