Peggy's Cove
and Lunenburg

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove

Crowded with tourists

The post office
A bit south of Halifax you find Peggy's Cove, a nice little village with a harbour and a light house on a rocky shore. There must be hundreds of kilometres of shores like these, dozens of light houses and almost every village with a harbour looks as nice as Peggy's Cove. But for some reason this is the place to go in the weekends, so Peggy's Cove is crowded with people. It is so busy that it's almost funny.
The lighthouse is also a small post office. If you mail your postcards here, it's gets the famous Peggy's Cove stamp, which is (of course) in the shape of a lighthouse.

Lighthouse reflection

The Old Man by the Sea

Lobster traps

A different kind of lobster trap

One of the specialties of Nova Scotia is lobster. As the season was closed when we were here, we found lobster traps everywhere.


Lunenburg was built by German farmers who started fishing and building boats when they came to Canada.

They were especially good in building boats, their schooner Bluenose won a lot of prices. You can find is successor in the harbour, next to the Fisheries Museum.

The centre of Lunenburg has a lot of stylish wooden houses, and is on the Unesco World Heritage List.



Fishery Museum

Lunenburg Jail