Sherbrooke is a small village and next to it is an open air museum that is almost the same size. Most houses and shops you can enter, but some of them not: real people live there. We suppose they don't dress as the summer-residents of the shops: in 19th century clothing. We had seen the dressing-up in other places this holiday, but here we liked it even more.

Perhaps because we joined them. At the photographer we had out picture made with 1860 technology. After dressing up, we were positioned in a way that we could keep up for twenty seconds: the time it took to get enough light on the prepared glass negative. After that it took some more work for the photographer, but after half an hour we could bring our picture on glass home with us. That is different from Photoshop!

The lady is hooking a rug, a specialty of Nova Scotia and, like quilts, a great way to use rests of wool or cloth. If you wish to know more, you can check out several sites about it, like