South West Newfoundland

Cape Anguille lighthouse

Cape Anguille and Codroy

The westernmost point of Newfoundland is Cape Anguille. And we were so lucky to stay the night in de Lighthouse Inn, at the foot of the lighthouse. Like we hoped and expected, Newfoundland resembles desolate places like Iceland. There was even a single track bridge!

Lighthouse Inn

Codroy Lake

 Corner Brook

A stretch of road

At the Marble Mountain near Corner Brook lies this nice waterfall. And, although the name suggests different: there is not only marble here, but also slate. Quite a strange combination.
A break to take a leak

From Corner Brook is a small, unpaved road going North, to Gros Morne National Park. In Summer the road is used by some people who have a cabin out here, and in winter by snow cats. Watch out, crossing snow cats! But in summer you should watch out for foxes.

A nice waterfall

Snow scooter crossing
Typical Newfoundland landscape
A fox - far away

A fox - really close by