Terra Nova N.P.
and Trinity

Terra Nova

Terra Nova National Park was dressed in autumn colours and moss pretending to be snow. Still, it was warm enough to walk around, first through the moor and then around a lake. And just when we left, we saw a Black bear cross the road. But we have no picture of him, because the disappeared in the forest.



Trinity is all about history. It is one of the oldest villages in Canada: John Cabot came just a bit north of here ashore in 1497. In the first years people lived here only in the summer, catching fish, drying it and bringing to Britain. Later on they lived here all year round. When you join the history walk, you hear all the stories about crime and justice and accidents at sea.

Nowadays Trinity has only a few permanent residents, and hardly any children. This might mean that Trinity will be left by itself in time, just as happened only a few years ago with the outposts: villages that could only be reached by boat.