Upriver rafting

There are many places where you can go rafting, but most of them are downriver. Near Maitland ends the Shubenacadie-river into the Bay of Fundy. This is the place of the world's highest tides.

Rain coats

Tough looking rafter
Because the Bay of Fundy gets more and more narrow, the differences between low and high tide near Maitland can become about 14 to 16 meters. Where the river meets the bay, a part of the water wants to stream upriver, and forms a tidal bore which can be several meters high.
The tidal bore - seen from land

The tidal bore - seen from the raft

People who like to get very wet (like Leon) can join one of the rafting trips. The first bit downstream to the tidal bore is not very exciting, sometimes Leon even had to walk over sandbanks in the river. But after the tidal bore came in, there were spectacular waves. According to Leon they were about 6 meters high and only a few meters apart.
Oops, that looks like fun

Wet stuff

More waves

School bus

Mirjam thinks it is a miracle they rafts did not only come back without casualties or with less people than they had started out, but that the people were very enthusiastic as well. But maybe they didn't have to try to wash red mud out of a formerly white T-shirt ...