The North

Grand Falls

Loggers museum

About halfway Gros Morne and Twillingate lies Grand Falls Windsor. Apart from a fall (which is probably a lot bigger in spring time) there is a paper factory.

And that paper factory is the reason you can find a museum logger's camp as well. In the early 20th century the trees for the paper factory were cut down by season workers. In the summer they worked on the farmland, but in autumn the lived in camps and cut down as many trees as possible. You can see the camp where they lived with every detail, including the food they ate.

And a nice touch: you can read what they said about their lives.


Twillingate is a lovely little fishing village, with houses scattered around the bay. It lies almost at the end of a series of islands and peninsula's brought together with causeways.



Still waters

Absolutely no wind whatsoever

The fishing museum is really worth wile, with a lot of authentic items and a couple of puppets laying the fish out to dry. And even if you don't ask for a guide, you get more comments than you had expected.

A fisherman's wife

Smells like fish Fishing - Canadian style ?


Twillingate is the Iceberg-capital of the world - except there are no icebergs in September, when we were there. Fortunately you can find close by SeaKnife Kayaks, where you can rent mountain bikes and kayaks. The mountain bikes needed a bit of maintenance, but the kayaks were really great. Very stable and at the same time pretty fast. And the bays are ideal to spent some hours and even to see an Otter swimming by (or maybe a Mink, said Leon).

Mountain bikes

Really great kayaks

Cookie break on a little beach