Barranco de Agua

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Barranco de Agua means Gorge of water. It is a gorge indeed, but there is no water in it. All the water in the neighbourhood is diverted to a watercraft-station. Even though the water is missing, the gorge itself is beautiful.


Tarzan ?

The sides of the gorge are steep, and from above branches of trees of the forest of Los Tilos hang into the gorge. The forest of Los Tilos is nicknamed 'fairytale-forest', and that's an appropriate name.

At the end of the gorge, you are supposed to make a stone-man. At least, all other tourists who came here, did.



At the end of the gorge you'll find a few holes that might be the entrances of caves or tunnels. Because we didn't have any flashlights with us, we don't know how deep they are and if they're going somewhere.

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