Near La Orotava

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The Eiffel Tower ?

Coffee-and-cookie break

We do two walks near La Orotava. The first one, from Icod Alto to La Guancha (and return by bus). The first part of the walk is OK, starting with a gentle walk through the fields, being greeted by many farmers, followed by a tough climb towards the top of the ridge.
Hitch hiking bee

From that point on, the walk gets a bit boring. Almost all the way we walk over wide forest roads, where you could easily drive.

Sure, the walk has some good things too. The best parts are the hitch hiking bee, a sudden view of the Teide and our cookie break at a picnic place (with barbecues, of course).

Sudden view of the Teide

Pine cones


A nice path through the forest

Three crosses

The next walk, at Aguamansa, is much better. This is a walk around the organ pipes of Los Organos. We follow small paths through the forest, pass crosses of Santa Barbara and small chapels with Madonnas.

Chapel with Madonna

7 up ?

A large part of our path is at the edge of a mountain, from which you have a view 1400 meters down - if it would not have been cloudy. But the path is great, and we really enjoy ourselves.

This path is great !


Not afraid of heights

About halfway we meet a group of Germans. Apparently, they're not having fun at all. The difference in walking speed in this group is huge. The only thing the fast walkers do is wait for the slow ones. And the slow ones just get more and more exhausted. We're glad we not part of this group. Brrr.

We're glad we're not in a group


The next group we see is even slower than the slowest walkers in the German group. However,  they're having a lot more fun. Yes, it's a group of English botanists. Of course, they stop every 20 meters, to see another interesting plant. Although they are having fun, we're glad we're not part of this group either.

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