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View over Agulo

Agulo is a nice little village in the north of La Gomera, close to the sea. Actually, it looks more like two or three little villages, with farmland in between. We stayed here a couple of days, in a beautiful house with a lovely patio and a lot of dark wood. 

The first day we were in Agulo we had to stay inside. It's raining so hard it's dangerous to go outside. It's not just water that's falling, there are lots of stones too. Our guess is the average height of the island has decreased with a few centimeters.

Map for day 9 and 11

Day 9.
Agulo, La Palmita, Juego de Bolas, Agulo
Time: 4 hours
Distance: 11 km
Ascent: 550m
Descent: 550m

Day 11.
Agulo, Ermita San Marco, Agulo
Time: 1 hours
Distance: 3 km
Ascent: 200m
Descent: 200m

Put the parakeet outside

The next day the rain is gone and the sun shows itself again. The parakeet (again, not a canary) is put outside, on the roof. 

Orange flower roof

All over La Gomera you can find little shacks (or walls or bus-stops), covered with a blanket of orange flowers. We don't know the name of these flowers, so we'll ask Mirjam's mother (who knows a lot about flowers). Too bad this flower won't grow in Holland, it would look great on the roof of our house.
The path is filled with rocks From Agulo there is a spectacular footpath almost straight up to the big red wall.

On this track you can find more witnesses to the heavy rain: some terrace walls are broken down by the water-pressure, and the path is transformed into a small river. 

We have to be very careful today, at some places the path is simply gone. And of course, it's very slippery. We're glad when we reach the top, it's a lot less dangerous from here. 

The top of the waterfall

The lake behind the dam is almost filled instead of almost empty, as it is usually.

A lake, that usually contains just a drop of water

Erosion gullies

When you see these erosion gullies, you can imagine why the streams are red: they are filled with red sand.

The path down to Agulo

It must be time for a cookie break

The paths are usually marked with stone-men, but this is a little overdone. It must be time for a cookie-break.

More rocks

Again: water can do more than you think. Two days ago, this was still a road leading to the banana fields of Agulo.

A typical Spanish cemetery, resembling a wall filled with ovens. Here they bury the unfortunate that get stones onto their heads.

An array of ovens

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