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You can see Santa Cruz in the distance

Our last walk on Tenerife is on Anaga, the north-eastern peninsula. This area and the Teno Mountains are the only parts of the island that were not covered by the volcanic eruptions that formed the Teide, about 600,000 years ago. The landscape is therefore entirely different from large parts of Tenerife.
Great view

View over Anaga

Anaga is formed by a series of mountain-ranges with steep barrancos between them. A large part of our walk follows the cumbre, the ridge of the mountains. On both sides we have great views of even more mountains and small villages.


Another fantastic view


Another thing we liked, was the absence of tourists. Compared to most of the other walks, we met only a few people. Only close to a small village here were other people enjoying Tenerife's best kept secret.

Yellow flowers


This day we see several Canarian lizards. They are pretty big, have a dark colour with yellow spots. One of them is kind enough to pose a moment for a picture.

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