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Centro Comercial Atlantico

The big building is the back of the Centro Commercial Atlantico, the shopping pride of the town. It is also the original facade of the building, that used to house a theatre.


The plaza and CCA overlook this water and small boats harbour. At the far end is the lock onto the Atlantic. This waterfront is a favoured strolling area for both citizens and tourists. There are a few cafe's along the plaza.
Centro In the city you will find a few pedestrians-only shopping streets. Nice shops too. But most streets aren't nearly this wide. And with cars passing left and right it is slightly hazardous to walk about. Still, plenty to see for a day.And when you look around you come here. Nice little church. It is placed at the far end of the local priest school. This was more or less the best angle for both the square and the church. So it's really not all that big. The school is though. But we didn't get to see inside. Iglesia

Every city should have one, and Arrecife is definately a city: it has its own fortress. This one is about 30 meters each way. Not big. But who needs big, it's the canons that count. Two of them are proudly parked in front of the fortress, so everyone can touch and feel. I suppose that once people were killed with them?


This is the original carriageway between the town and the fortress. There is a wooden drawbridge on the far end. And you get an nice view of the waterfront. A modern carriageway is also provided in, 200 meters to the north (left). This is used to provide the town with a nice wide parking space on the water. Busses and cars drive to the fortress island and park there, while tourists walk about seeing the sites. Neat huh?

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