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From Cruz de Tejeda to Artenara

In December, it can be rainy and foggy in the centre of the island. After all, it is about 1,400 meters high here. So on our first trip, from Cruz de Tejeda to Artenara, we were glad we brought our rain gear. The views over the lower lying village Tejeda were completely lost to us. But on the other hand, the rain bringing different colours of mud down were quite a view.

Artenara not only has a church in the town itself, but also a chapel built in the rock. A couple of days later we also found out there is a large Jesus-statue standing in Artenara, looking over the place. We never saw it in the rain.


It turned out we could see most of the way the path were we had walked earlier that day, which doesn't happen very often. A great experience.

On a sunny day, somewhat later that week, we went a bit northwest from Artenara. We walked via irrigation pipes, small villages, quiet agricultural land and mountains with forests.

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