Jardin de Cactus

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Inside the cactus garden

A very popular tourist attraction on Lanzarote is the Jardin de Cactus. You will have guessed by its name that it is a cactus garden.

Prickly, isn't it

Cactosaurus You can see the large cactus on the parking place from far away. If you get closer, you can see this one isn't real. It's made of iron and green paint.

Strange shapes

Of course, this particular cactus garden was designed by Cesar Manrique. Is there anything on Lanzarote that has no relation whatsoever with Cesar ? We don't think so.

The cactus garden is a great place if you want to make pictures of lots of prickly things.

Prickly things

No tourist attraction in Spain, especially those that are not in La Mancha, can do without a windmill. You really can't miss the one in the Jardin de Cactus. It stands on top of a little hill, so you can see it from far away (and the mill can catch the wind). Anyway, a windmill is always good for a nice picture.

Canarian windmill

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