Hermigua - El Cedro

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El Chorro, near the little village called El Cedro, is the only waterfall on La Gomera where there falls water all year round.


There are several possibilities to go and see it. One of them is to start in Hermigua, which lies almost 800 meters lower. Because of the steep ascent, and on the way back, the steep descent, it takes about 6 hours of walking time. Not something to do on the day of your arrival. We did it on our last full day on La Gomera. 

Map for day 10

Day 10.
Hermigua, Monteforte, El Cedro, lost completely, El Cedro, Los Aceviņos, Ermita San Juan, Hermigua
Time: 6 hours
Distance: 13 km
Ascent: 900m
Descent: 900m


The valley at the downside of El Cedro has intensive irrigation works, with lots of pipes. Along the biggest pipe is the path we follow. The first part is rather flat, but soon it gets very steep.

The view back

When you do this walk, don't forget to look back from time to time. You might miss the wonderful views like this, over Hermigua and one of the twin peaks, Los Gomelos.
The tunnel is very low

And there is a lot of water in it

Right, a lot of water

Another way to get to El Cedro is through a mountain tunnel. That is, when it's not full of water, like when we were there. The water in the canal and the waterfall are all flowing through the tunnel. As the tunnel is only 1.70 meter high and pitch black, you can imagine a flow like this prevents you from going through. The alternative, over and around the mountain, takes 1 hour instead of 10 minutes.

By the way, we thought this waterfall much better than El Chorro. Although the drop of El Chorro is much bigger, we saw hardly any water there. Even the picture of the waterfall was boring, so we didn't include it. Maybe it looks better in summer ??

Lost in the jungle

The trip back took us through this forest. Although it is just outside the National Park Garajonay, it has the same beard-mosses on the trees (they probably don't read the signs 'limit of the park').

Reflection pool

The water-reservoirs are filed to the rim, reflecting the surrounding mountains.

Ermita San Juan

The Ermita San Juan is half way down to Hermigua again.

And again a wall covered with orange flowers. They still look great.

Orange walls

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