Pueblo Chico

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Not only for children is Pueblo Chico (children village): the Canarian islands in miniature. Starting with the original inhabitants the Guanches, it portrays the islands and its people. Typical habits like Canarian wrestling have a place here.

Lucha canaria

Salt pans

Lanzarote vineyards

It is particularly fun to visit when you have seen some of the other islands. For instance, we really liked to see the saltpans and the vineyards of Lanzarote. And we recognize several famous buildings of the other islands. 


Guanche kings in Candelaria

Stoephoer The builders did evidently have fun as well building the place: there are lots of jokes to be seen. On the highway is a lorry with one of the buildings, which you can see just a few meters away. And the pizza delivery boy, trying to impress some girls while making a wheelie, loses his pizzas.

Everything is very accurate, up to the duck-pond in La Laguna. The only difference we found was in Candelaria, where the Guanche kings don't have parked cars and garbage containers at their feet. Definitely an improvement!

Pizza delivery

La Laguna duck pond

Square in La Laguna

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