From Femés to Playa Blanca

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Our longest walk on Lanzarote was this one. From Femés we walked back to our apartment in Playa Blanca. Since it was downhill all the way, we thought 21 kilometers shouldn't be very hard.

Two bars in Femes

This picture shows Femés from the nearby hill. Although it is very small, it has one church and two bars (which is the opposite of the village where we live).

Femes from above

Mountain goats of Lanzarote

In the beginning of our walk, we ran into these goats. If you look at this picture, you wonder what they eat. Soon, we found out, when we saw a farmer with a landrover full of corn, who came to feed them.

We never stop to marvel at the things we see around us. Here you see a rock, starting to break down under the pressure of water. Give it some thousands of years, and all that is left is sand.

Hard rock with cracks

A rocky beach

Papagayo beach

Our tour from Femés to Playa Blanca lead us along the coast, some parts cliffs and stone beaches, and sometimes yellow (not white) sand. And these beaches are natural, no-one would bring sand to a place where tourists can only come after a couple of hours walking.

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