Caleta de Fuste

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Calete de Fuste is a small village with a harbour and lots of hotels, apartments, shops and restaurants. Compared to the tourist-resorts on Gran Canaria or Tenerife, it is a really quiet place. Most of Calete is owned by the Barceló company: Barceló Hotel, Barceló apartment complexes, Barceló restaurants, and so on. We stayed in one of the 'independent' apartments.

The harbour

On the beach


Calete has a small, sandy bay, where you can swim safely in the sea. Early in the morning, the only living beings you find here are squirrels. Most of them are not afraid of people. Close to Calete lies Salinas, a small village where people used to live of salt producing. Nowadays you can have a look at the facilities, as it is no longer professionally used.

The proces is actually quit simple: seawater is let in shallow basins, where the water evaporates in the sun. The salt is left behind, and is removed from the basins. 


At the basins the skeleton of a whale is exhibited. Of course, it has nothing to do with salt, but they just happened to have it. It looks very impressive, but we liked the live whales in Iceland better.

Whale skeleton

A dragon made from sand

On Fuerteventura some people earn their money with sand sculptures. We like it better than living statues. This one is especially nice: the dragon can blow fire.

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