La Géria

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Geometric shapes

La Géria is the wineyard of Lanzarote. Strangely enough this area is covered with black lavasand and malpaís, rock formed of the lavastreams.

An instrument for pressing grapes

Bodega in La Geria

The grapes are grown in pits, each plant in his own. The depth and the (partly) surrounding wall protects them from the sometimes strong winds and from too much sun. And additional advantage is that the dew condenses in the pits and slides to the bottom, where it feeds the grapes.

The pits of La Geria

In the winemuseum at El Grifo, one of the many bodegas in El Géria, you can see old tools for winemaking. And of course you can taste the wine and when you like it, you can buy some (as we did).

El Grifo wine label

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