El Golfo

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When we were at Lanzarote, in December, the Atlantic ocean tried to impress us with great waves, breaking on the rocks everywhere on the coast. One of the places where you can watch the sea and do something else as well, is El Golfo. El Golfo attracts photographers from all over the world, who want to take pictures of El Golfo's little lagune.

High waves crashing on the coast

The green water of El Golfo

The reason all these photographers come here, is that this lagune is filled with green water. At a closer look you can see the colour is caused by two factors: green minerals and algues. The green minerals form nice green cristals. You can buy green rocks in all sizes, or jewelry made with green stone.

The golfo of El Golfo


Not too far from El Golfo are saltpans. Seawater is brought into the patches, and the sun does the rest of the work until there is only salt left. After that, man must take over and get the salt out. According to our touristguide, the salt is used for the local specialty, fish in a saltcrust. In the local restaurants we never found it on the menu, so we can't judge the quality of the salt.

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