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You can see the Teide from all over the island

Rocks in the National Park
You can't visit Tenerife and not see the Teide. It is the highest mountain of Spain (even higher than the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees), and reaches to 3,718 meters. If you take the trouble, you can get a permit to walk to the top. Or you can take the cable-car and walk down from there. The only problem is the cable-car didn't work when we were there.

Clouds down below

We really like it here

On his way to the top

As we are to lazy to walk up and down the Teide, we go for the second best: the Guajara. This is the second highest mountain of Tenerife, and comes a lot lower in ranking in the whole of Spain. As we are not (really) here for statistics, we don't care a bit. We have a nice walk through brown rocks, grey and green bushes and white snow. We should be able to see Gran Canaria from here, if it wasn't below the clouds.

Teide again

Teide, seen from Guajara

On the top of Guajara we find ourselves a nice spot out of the wind, were we can look at the other climbers (lots of them) and eat our lunch. Teide, some 1,000 meters higher than we are, still looks big.
To get from the top back down to the Parador, we have two options. The first option is to get down the very steep and dangerous path on the North side of the mountain. With all the ice and snow, we think that's not a smart thing to do. So we go back the way we came, all the way around the mountain.

The Parador, deep down below

 The blue Teide finch

On the way down we spot some birds. We are not sure if it is the blue Teide finch, but some friends assure us it is.

We'd seen them on our way to the top: these icicles hanging from a rock. On our way back down we saw them again. By some reason they were a lot shorter.


Invading clouds

On the way back to our casita in El Tanque, we see these clouds rolling into the National Park area. We guess the good weather will be over in about an hour. Within the clouds it will be foggy and cold.

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