Barranco de Guarimiar

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Starting in Imada

January is winter season, also on La Gomera. This means it can be a little misty, especially in high places such as Imada. Imada is a small mountain village, where the walk to the Barranco de Guarimiar starts. 

Map for day 3

Day 3.
Imada, El Azadoe, El Cabezo, Guarimiar, Imada
Time: 4 hours
Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 600 m
Descent: 600 m

The walk through the Barranco de Guarimiar was described to us as the most spectacular walk on La Gomera. 

Before we can enter the barranco, we have to walk around it. Of course, you can take the main road to do this. We choose a little footpath, where there is a lot more to see (although this is a little difficult through the mist).

It's very misty here

A village with a name like an Italian recipe

After an hour or so, the mist clears and we begin to admire the views. We are descending towards a beautiful green valley. From some distance we see another village, with the name of an Italian recipe. That reminds us: it must be near lunch-time.

Almost at the lowest point

After a long way down we reach the lowest point (picture on the right) and we can go all the way up again. Imada must be somewhere up there, so we try so discover the path that will lead us back up. It must be there somewhere, but we can't see it from here.

At the village of Guarimiar we take the small footpath leading up. Somewhere on the way up we come along this irrigation channel. Since we've visited Madeira we call them levada's. After this point we come through the most beautiful part of the Barranco the Guarimiar. The rock looks like columns of red basalt. According to people who have been there, it reminds of the Dolomites.

Somewhere up there is Imada

Levada ??

Unfortunately, it started to rain (it is winter), so we didn't take any pictures here. So we can't show you this barranco is really spectacular. People who are afraid of heights should NOT attempt to make this walk, next to the narrow path there is a sheer drop of a few hundred meters to the bottom of the barranco. This is so great, we even don't mind the rain for now. But when we finally reach Imada, soaking wet and exhausted, the rain stops and the sun starts to shine again. Grrrr.

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