Playa de Güigüí

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On the way up

The most beautiful beach on Gran Canaria is Playa de Güigüí. Still, it is not crowded with tourists, because it is only accessible on foot or by boat.

Looking down

But unlike most footpaths on Gran Canaria, you do not walk alone. At least, we didn't. Because it was Easter holiday, quite a lot of Canarians went to the beach as well, carrying a tent and sleeping bag. Nearby the beach is a place marked on the map as a camping, you can recognise it by the tents (not by receptions, toilet areas, playgrounds etc.). There is a small café, selling soda, beer and, essential for the campfire at night, rum and cigarettes.

Almost there

The beach is a combination of boulders and (black) sand, surrounded by mountains. On most beaches the men can peek, here there is more to be seen for women (or, as Leon said to me: you didn't stumble once today, until we arrived at the beach).

The beach

A boat

Of course, if you don't want to walk all the way to Playa de Güigüí, you can always come here by boat. Coming by boat has a very strong advantage: you don't have to climb back all the way up the mountain pass. The Sunflowerguide/Landscapes of Gran Canaria suggests you prearrange for a taxi to pick you up in the evening. Perhaps you can also arrange for a boat to pick you up from the beach?

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