Haria and Maguez

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Haria and Maguez are agricultural villages in the North of Lanzarote. The area around these villages is not as rocky and barren as the rest of Lanzarote. Haria is called the most beautiful village of Lanzarote. We thought this was a bit strange, since Yaiza was claimed to be the most beautiful village of Spain. This is not logical, captain.

Landscape with palmtree

Yet we must admit Haria is very beautiful. Lying in the Valley of the 10.000 palm trees, Haria looks like it should not belong on the rocky, volcanic Lanzarote. From the Mirador de Haria, up in the mountains, you can have a fantastic view over the valley. And no, we didn't count the trees.

In this region of Lanzarote there is supposed to be a little yellow flower, that you can't find anywhere else in the world. We looked for yellow flowers, but we couldn't find any. It must be the wrong time of the year. What we did find was this strange succulent you see on the picture below.


Haria is the burial place of CÚsar Manrique. He lived here for some year after he left his house in Tahiche, and then he died. It has been a long time since he died, but still many people come to visit his grave.

We visited Lanzarote around Christmas. That's why we were not surprised to see a few Christmas trees. However, we did not expect to see one that looked like the one on the picture below.

A Christmas tree

There are a lot of artists, galleries and little museums in both Haria and Maguez. This must be another influence from Cesar Manrique.

Of course, another reason can be the inspiring landscape, with views like this.

Ye and La Graciosa

This area of Lanzarote is great for walking. We made two walks here, one around Haria and one around Maguez. These walks were very diverse. After walking alongside some potato fields, you can climb Los Helechos for a view into the double crater. And of course, the views over the surrounding area are great.

View over Famara

After a walk in the area, you might get hungry. Then it's time to try the local speciality: goat. That is, the speciality is local. We still wonder where the goats come from, since we didn't see any. Again, it must be the wrong time of the year.

10.000 palmtrees

Not shown on these pictures is the steep road with lots of hairpins curves close to Haria. This is especially surprising because the island is rather flat, the highest hill is about 600 meters above sea level. From this road (or better: from one of the parking strips beside it or from one of the restaurants) you can enjoy a magnificent view.

The blue chicken

A few kilometers North of Maguez, there is the tropical bird park of Guinate. If you want to see a lot of parrots, or perhaps a blue chicken, you should pay this park a visit.

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