La Mérica

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Spectacular view over Taguluche

The first day we arrived late in the evening on the airport of Tenerife. La Gomera has its own airport since several years, but there is no direct flight from Holland to it. In fact, we wonder if there are any flights at all.

So the second day we took the fast ferry from Tenerife to La Gomera and had enough time left for a short walk. The walk from Arure to our hotel in La Calera is short, and has almost no ascent, so it sounded ideal to start with. We took a taxi to Arure, and a little later we were on our way.

We made many walks on La Gomera. Starting with this page, we'll show you a map of each one. There are lots of books for sale with descriptions and maps of these and other walks. 

Map for day 2
Day 2.
Arure, La Mérica, La Calera
Time: 2¼ hours
Distance: 7 km
Ascent: 100 m
Descent: 800 m

Star-shaped thingumy on the La Mérica plains

There used to be some houses here, but since there came no more water out of the wells they are abandoned. The fact you can only reach it by foot or by helicopter may have something to do with this as well. The only thing left is this star-shaped threshing-floor annex village-square.

After a view in the depth to the village Taguluche (first picture), you walk for some kilometers over the highland of La Mérica. Soon you'll discover this is a very popular walk. Compared to Tenerife there aren't many tourists in Valle Gran Rey. However, it seems like every one of them will make this walk, it's crowded with walkers (on La Gomera this means: at some times you can see ten to fifteen people).

A desolate land, crowded with walkers
Oops, do we have to go down here ??

At the end of the trip it proved not to be the best walk to start with: the descent of 800 m is very hard on the muscles in your calves, and gives you muscle-pain for several days. But the view is wonderful. 

Not a canary

This bird is not a canary (as you would expect), but probably some pipit (Anthus something). It sat down quite close to us, just at the moment I was playing with my camera after making the picture on the left.

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