La Lajita

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La Lajita is a new attraction on Fuerteventura. In our guide from 2000 it is only mentioned as a place where you can ride camels. But nowadays it is a lot more: a complete zoo with several shows and there is a botanical garden as well. And they're still expanding it ! Birds

Working men


We start with the zoo. The species above is the rare homo laborus, or the working man. They are mending something of the walk-in cage with birds and butterflies. Just sit on a bench, and watch them flowing by.

Don't try this at home

The pissing crocodile

One of the shows is the reptile-show. You can touch a baby crocodile, and a brave man handles a big crocodile. Don't try this at home! It is very interesting, and fun too. We have seen several shows with parrots (on Gran Canaria and on Lanzarote), so we skip the one here. The show with birds of prey starts in the afternoon and appears to be in the botanical garden, so we don't go there either.


Not all the animals are as exciting as the crocodiles, but we have a good time looking at turtles, peacocks, monkeys, ostriches and so on.
Another cactus

A ship ?

The botanical garden is tipical for a Canarian island: cactusses in every shape, round and long, and with small and big prickly things. There are also some other plants, and there is even a boat. It is not certain what it is doing here, because there are not many waterplants in the pond around it. But it is a nice touch.

The bird of prey-show is also in the botanical garden, but on the day we visit the botanical garden, we are too late to see the show. So, unfortunately, we can't tell you what it is like. We do know that the botanical garden is good enough to visit on its own (if you like cactusses).

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