Las Palmas

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Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria. Not many tourists come here, although there is enough to see and do. We started with visiting the church. You can buy a ticket to climb the bell towers, what we (of course) did (actually, you can also use the elevator). Although the towers are not very high, you get a magnificent view over the city. And make sure you don't miss the collection of silver- and goldware!

The Canarian Islands are famous for the Christmas stalls. In Las Palmas we saw some fine examples, the best of them in de music chapel in the park in Las Palmas. The stall contains several villages crowded with Roman soldiers and local people selling fruit on the market, washing the laundry and so on.

Here you can also take the opportunity to learn something about the Guanchen, the original inhabitants of the Canarian Islands. In the Canarian museum you can see a statue of Tara, the mother Earth-type goddess. And at least a hundred skulls and several complete skeletons. In one of the parks you can wonder if there are some disadvantages to the way they used to jump with poles, or if the artist had never tried to do it himself.

Of course, Las Palmas is a typical Canarian city. So there are abundant balconies and decorated doors to admire.

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