Mina and Nublo

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Barranco de Mina

A nice trail connects Cruz de Tejeda and Las Lagunetas. We walked here on a sunny day, after a couple of rainy days. The people we saw were all enjoying the fine weather, just like we did.

From Las Lagunetas you can follow the Barranco de Mina up, in the direction of the Pico de las Nievas. Don't try this on a rainy day, as the path will be too slippery.

Even now we had to do some parts on all fours. But the ravine is great, and the view when you reach the top of barranco over the island is wonderful. 

Roque Nublo

The most famous landmark of Gran Canaria is Roque Noblo, the highest-but-one rock of the island. You can easily walk to the rock, although not everyone is able to put his/her hands on top of it.

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