Los Órganos

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Strange shapes of rocks

Los Órganos, the organ, is a natural miracle. A basalt-structure of up to 80 meters high resembles an organ.

The Tina, an excursion boat

From land you can hardly see it, you must take a boat trip from Valle Gran Rey or San Sebastian to have a good look at it. 
We were very interested to have a look at Los Órganos, so we went to La Vuelta, the harbour in Valle Gran Rey, to see what excursions there were.

Don't they have any erosion here ?

You can see why it's called The Organ

Advertisement for Tina

The excursions we saw all took the whole day, included lots of drink and food, and a choice between fishing and swimming. As we are interested in none of the above, we skipped the boat trip and satisfied ourselves with postcards.

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