El Pinar - La Restinga

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As we said, there aren't many tourists on El Hierro. In the restaurant in El Pinar, we met the first other tourist (apart from the couple in the car yesterday, and ourselves). To be honest, we don't like this 50 year old ADHD German very much. He just keeps on talking (to us, most of the time) .... even when he's eating. Yuk ! His wife's nice, though. How does she manage to live with this guy ???

Mirjam really likes this artistic photo from our balcony. In the window across the street you can just make out the name of our hotel, and the yellow wall and blue sky add just enough colour.

Hotel Pinar

El Pinar viewpoint



Today we walk from El Pinar to La Restinga. On the first stretch, we meet a lot of locals. This must be the time of day when El Hierro people take their animals for a walk around town. At the Mirador in El Pinar there are two old chaps with their dogs, enjoying the view and the nice weather. Just out of town, we give way to lot of sheep, followed by a shepherd with a little lamb under his arm. A few moments later we have to do the same for his colleague with goats.


Which way must we go now ?

Funny hill

Mirjam taking a picture

A hill with bushes on top

Halfway between El Pinar and La Restinga we don't see many people any more. The landscape is getting more and more volcanic. We see lots of volcanic cones and craters. Usually, these landscapes are referred to as moonscapes, but we think there are less bushes on the moon.

An ice-cream in the harbour

La Restinga is a harbour in the southeast corner of the island. This morning, we were a bit worried about the hours we had to spend in La Restinga, waiting for the taxi to come and pick us up. We arrive just before 14:00, the taxi was scheduled for 16:30. As it turned out, this was no problem at all. The weather had changed, we now have sun and 30 degrees. It's a pleasure to sit at the beach or on a terrace, have lunch and look at other people.
Restinga apartments

A family boat trip

And there is a lot to see:

  • a bunch of local fishermen, having a beer and a very loud conversation,

  • a group of German parapenters also having a beer, but hardly making a sound (a bit out of character, we thought the only place where you can have more than 5 Germans together that are quiet was at a funeral),

  • a black and a white dog running around each other for hours,

  • a couple of elderly people gossiping about the fishermen

  • a woman with the biggest arse we've ever seen

The sea at La Restinga

Hello Mirjam

Exactly at 16:30 the taxi arrives, to take us back to El Pinar. Pity, we wouldn't have minded a bit longer in La Restinga.

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