San Sebastian

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Camarian balconies in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the main city of La Gomera. One of the buildings on the left is the city hall. Its size suggests the size of the city: not the biggest of Spain (or even the Canary Islands). 

One or two streets remind vaguely of the tourist-places on Tenerife: some bars, discos and restaurants. There are only a few shops, so we failed when we wanted to buy a Spanish Asterix and Obelix comic to train our Spanish a bit. Besides, it was Saterday afternoon, so even if there was a book shop, it would probably be closed for the weekend.  

The church doesn't look like an ermita !!

San Sebastian is the only place on La Gomera where the church doesn't look like an Ermita.

A strange tower

This tower has an historical interest, which we have forgotten. Interesting is the water well on the other side of the tower (not visible on this picture). Instead of one bucket, it has a band filled with lots of buckets. When powered by a mule, there comes an almost constant stream of water out of the well. This mechanism is probably not as old as the tower or the well.
Whoever thought of the idea to make a ship look like this, must have been a genius. Although we all know the catamaran in a size for a few people, this system also proves to work for a ship for lots of cars and hundreds of people. And it travels fast: about 70 kilometers an hour. No wonder it takes only half the time of the conventional ferry. One word of advise: take the normal ferry to La Gomera and the fast ferry back to Tenerife. On the way towards La Gomera they play a video with awful music, three times over.

We loved waiting for the boat here

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