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The ermita at Taguluche 

On the first day we were on La Gomera, we already saw it from above: Taguluche. From Arure you can see Taguluche in the deep. We decided the climb down (and later up again!) from Arure to Taguluche was not precisely necessary, so we started at the Ermita of Taguluche. You can't see it on the map on the right, but the road from Arure to Taguluche by car is a very long one. Map for day 6

Day 6.
Taguluche, Montañas de Galión, Tagaluche
Time: 3½ hours
Distance: 5½ km
Ascent: 550 m
Descent: 550 m

Dikes are interesting geological phenomena

The are many dikes in this area

A dike from close by

An incredible phenomenon you can see around here are the dikes, the natural stone walls. They are formed in the same way as the Roques: hot lava gets into cracks in the soil and harden up. After time, the softer soil around it erodes, leaving the dikes behind.
Our path took us through the bottom of a beautiful barranco, and then up to the Punta de Tejeleche (no milk today). It is quite a steep way up over lots of slippery rocks. We wouldn't want to do it downwards, but maybe the people we met thought they wouldn't want to go upwards here.

Yes, we came from down there

Looking back

Once you have deserved your cookie break at the top, you can admire this fantastic view. From the top, you can make an excursion into the Montañas de Galión, that you can make as long as you want. We did just a short one, just far enough for a great view over Alojera. Then you walk back to the place where we took the picture above. From this point there is another path down to Taguluche, or up to Arure.

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