Canal de Tejeda

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Tejeda church

The canal

Tejeda, a village in the centre of the island, is the start of one of our walks. After walking down the mountain into the valley, you find a small irrigation canal. On Madeira a lot of those canals can be found, levadas, and you can walk on the path along the canal.

Gran Canaria is not Madeira: here we walk ín the canal. The first part there is water in it, but the sun is warm, so who is afraid of some water?

Apple trees ?

Along the canal we find flowering fruittrees, orangetrees bamboo, goats and lizards. In the distance you can see Roque Nublo. Closer (not on the picture) is the similar looking Roque Bentaiga.

Wet feet and we're not even in Ireland

It's that creep again

The river

Below the canal are the remains of the river, almost dry although the summer hasn't even begun. We hear lots of frogs and toads yell for a lover.

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