Teror and Azueje

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Teror is a typical Canarian town, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. After the restoration in 1979 it is declared cultural heritage, but by whom isn't entirely clear.

When you walk in the surroundings of Teror you can find several lavaderos, common washing places. We were really surprised to see these places are still used by some of the locals, and not only the granny's.

Typical Canarian are the colours: with something bright the winter already seems like summer.

Barranco de Azueje

Between Teror and Firgas lies the Barranco de Azueje. There is a big chance you will be the only one in this nature reserve with a little stream in the bottom of a ravine, filled with flowers and pigeons with red and blue feathers.

That is to say, except for the last bit of the trail. This you share with trucks of the Firgas mineral water, carrying it all around Gran Canaria.

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