Timanfaya National Park

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Timanfaya devil

The main attraction of Lanzarote is the Timanfaya National Park. Very recently almost a quarter of the island erupted and became a new series of volcanoes. "Very recent", of course, on a geological timescale. This means it all happened in the 18th and 19th Century.

Volcanic landscape of Timanfaya

The landscapes of Timanfaya National Park are very special. Too bad the authorities are afraid lots of tourists would destroy the park if they had the chance to enter it where and when they wanted (though of course they may be right). That is why the only way to see Timanfaya is taking a ride on the bustour that leaves from the parking place at the "El Diablo" restaurant at the beginning of the park.

Three buses in Timanfaya

Strange colours

This bustour takes you on a ride of 45 minutes through the volcanic landscapes of the Montaņas del Fuego. And even though we hate it to be packed inside a bus with a lot of other tourists, the ride is very worthwhile, because Timanfaya is so incredibly beautiful.

Craters and El Diablo restaurant

In three different languages the tape in the bus tells the history of the park in general and of specific parts of it. The pictures show some of it, but you just can describe how great this place is. It is often compared with the landscapes you expect on the moon, but I don't think that is a perfect comparison. After all, are there places on the moon where you can see a curly road with six coaches at different places?

Some bushes

Maybe, after seeing these pictures of Timanfaya, you'll thing you've seen these landscapes before. Well, that's possible. Many science fictions movies were filmed here instead of on the distant planets where the story of the movie plays. Getting permission to shoot a movie in Timanfaya is still a lot easier than space travel.

Timanfaya still has some volcanic activity underground. When you are back from the bustrip you can have a look at some of the tricks the people from Lanzarote do with volcanic heat. For instance, if you throw some bushes into a hole in the ground, they start to burn in a few seconds. It must be very hot down there.

Burn !!

If you hate buses even more than we do, there is an other way to see Timanfaya... the camel. However, you won't see much of the park, the camelride isn't very long. Fifteen minutes is all you can expect.

Volcanic chicken

On the picture on the left you see our most favourite attraction of Timanfaya: the volcanic grill. In the restaurant "El Diablo" you can try what a volcanic chicken tastes like. And because the bustour made us quite hungry, we called it lunch time. And guess what, volcanic chicken tastes like chicken.

The best way to discover Timanfaya is on foot. The visitor center of Timanfaya organises guided walks through the park. These walks are very popular, we advise to book as soon as you arrive on the island.

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