Cueva de los Verdes

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The entrance

The Green family (Los Verdes) owned a lot of land, which wasn't worth much: it was all covered with lava. A nice part of it however were the tunnels formed in the lava. When the lava flows out of the volcano, the outside dries and forms stone, while the inside is still fluent and leaves a tunnel. In this way, kilometers of tunnel were formed. The islanders hid there during pirate attacks.

Narrow tunnels

Guides take you through the tunnels for an hour. Compared to some other caves these tunnels are not really great. Because the tunnels are young and rather dry, there are no stalactites or -mites.

Mind your head

Because of the minerals, the walls do have several colours. But there is a great trick, you really should see. We won't tell you, just go and see for yourself.

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