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Yaiza has won the price for being the most beautiful litte village in Spain, twice. And indeed, it is a very nice place. But the thing we liked most was the Christmas stable (or whatever such a thing is called in English), in the middle of the village. We liked this thing so much, we even forgot to take pictures of Yaiza.

The saltpans

Lanzarote on display in Yaiza

In the middle of it, you find a cave with Joseph, Mary and the Infant. Some women are washing diapers in the river, and an ox and a donkey are standing nearby. All around this cave the life on Lanzarote is depicted, as it used to be: men working the saltpans, ploughing the fields and fishing. We admired the dedication with which it was clearly made, as well as we admired the result. But as it was made for Christmas, it will probably not be there when you go and visit Yaiza. Although, maybe they make another one with Christmas next year.

Do you want to ride a camel, sir ?


The coast

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