Pico de la Zarza 

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The Pico de la Zarza is the highest point of Fuerteventura, at 812 m. The walk from the South East Coast of the Jandia Peninsula to the Pico is a very rewarding one. This is not because the walk itself is great. In fact, it's very dull. First, you need to find the starting point. There is a lot of construction going on at the coast, so this is not an easy job. After you finally have found the path that leads upwards, you're on your way. From here, you can see the Pico de la Zarza in the distance. Now you have to walk up to the Pico.

Panorama at the Pico de la Zarza

The path is more or less in a straight line, there are no spectacular sights underway, nothing. Boring! Ok, ok, you do get tired because of the gradient, but it's boring nevertheless. And as the meteorological station is on top of the Zarza and those people don't want to walk 3 hours each day going to work, you can do most of the way by car as well. Hmmm.

When you've finally reached to top of the Pico de la Zarza, you will know why you've made this walk: the view from the top is very rewarding. On the other side of the mountain, there is a sheer drop into nothingness. Wow, you can see the whole island from here. We spent almost an hour here just admiring the views (and a little bit of resting after the climb).

It's very steep

The Zarza from the other side

The way back to the South East Coast is not as dull as the climb up. From a certain point, you can see sailing boats and wind surfers. After we've reached the coast again (and had some lunch), we drove in our car all the way to the other side of the mountain, to see what the Zarza would look like from the other side. As you would have expected, it looks like an enormous wall of rock. Very impressive. Still, we liked the view from the top a lot better.

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