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Guangzhou is the last city we visit in China. There is a lot to see, but we are still tired of the journey by night train. That's because we didn't get much sleep, two English guys in the coupé next to us had a bit too much to drink, and made a mess of it.
   <-- What the two English guys did

That's why most of us stay in (or close around) the hotel, or only visit the Xingping market.


On this market you can buy anything the Chinese think you can eat. Ok, you can buy chicken here (which is pretty normal), but also less obvious things like dried snake, seahorse, scorpion or lizard. Or a nice little dog.


Dried snake



After visiting the market, Hans and I decide to see one other tourist attriction of Guangzhou, the Museum of the Emperor. Or, by its formal name, The Museum of the Western Han and the Nanyue King Mausoleum.
The museum

This turns out to be a very interesting museum. You can visit the tomb of Emperor Wen Di here, who ruled from 137 to 122 BC. This tomb was found when they tried to build a hotel here (which is now about 100 meters away).

Emperor Wen Di

One thing Guangzhou is famous for, is the nightlife. However, when your hotel is in the shopping district, there isn't much to do. Even the bar in the hotel is closed (permanently?). According to receptionist, the best place to have a drink around here, is the MacDonald's. Yeah right, but they don't have beer. So we buy beer at some kiosk, and drink it outside, in the hotel parking area.

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