Stavrovouni and Larnaka

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Not far from Larnaka lies Stavrovouni, a mountain with a monastery on top. Although the mountain is not really high, about 600 meters, you have a magnificent view from the top. This is because it is the only mountain in the area, the rest of the hills are a lot lower. Once you know which one is Stavrovouni, you recognize it from anywhere.

Stavrovouni Monastery

The monastery is located on top of a hill

The monastery is open only for male pilgrims. Female visitors are allowed in the bookshop (when open), and in the church outside the monastery. We think that most people come here only for the exercise: there is a nice walking-path leading to it. The road is great for cycling. We met some cyclists, and it looked like they already were enjoying the way down.  

This is the church outside the monastery. The monks evidently didn't want to offend any of the saints by forgetting him, so they called it the 'Church for all saints of Cyprus'.

Church of All Saints of Cyprus

The main church in Larnaka is the Lazarus-church. It is a traditional Greek-orthodox church, with many in gold covered icons. 




Larnaka has a perfectly conserved aqueduct. On second thought, that isn't too hard, as it is built in the 18th century. That makes it a couple of centuries easier. Still, it is a nice aqueduct.

Lazarus Church of Larnaka

The main item is of course the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. The tomb of Lazarus is in the crypt of the church. After Lazarus was resurrected, he lived for a long time and apparently came to Cyprus to Christianize the people here. When he finally died, he was buried in this church.

Inside the church

Another religious painting

Outside the Lazarus church is a Kafenion (café) and a museum with religious things. The painting about the resurrection of Lazarus is very funny: there are people standing by, with their nose pinched. Because Lazarus is already dead for three days, he must be really smelly. We hope that the smell went away when he started living again. 


Cannons in the fortress

The fort of Larnaka is just the same as the ones in Pafos and in Lemesos. The only different part is the walled garden. It is heavily protected, as you can see here.

Next to the salt lakes and the airport, you can find this mosque, Tekke. It has a really 1,001 night appearance, with palm trees and lemon trees and so. It is a pretty important mosque, as the aunt of Mohammed is buried here. She came to visit Cyprus in the year 674 and broke her neck in a horse riding accident. The stone on her tomb is imported from Mekka, which shows how imported she is.  Not on picture: the flamingos in the salt lake. This is because they stay always on the far end of the lake, no matter from which side you come. Hala Sultan Tekke

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