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Lemesos (the Greek name for Limassol) is a rather nice city - when you don't count the tourist area to the east. There the hotels, bars and restaurants stretch for about 15 kilometers along the coast. The centre of Lemesos consists of a small harbor with a medieval castle, a mosque, two churches, and of course some shops and restaurants. In the background the Tro÷dos-mountains can be seen.

View over the city

The top floor of the castle

Usually you find tunnels like those in the cellar. The Cypriots do things different: this one is built on the roof of the castle. The castle looks just the same as the ones in Larnaka and Pafos. They even have the same photo-exhibition.

This is not a dungeon We were on Cyprus in 1991, just before the Gulf war. Since then we have this argument whether the barbecues you can buy in Lemesos are made locally or imported from Korea. Although there are less shops that sells them, this holiday didn't solve the problem.

Lemesos cathedral

Barbecue time


Amathunda was a city-kingdom, which flourished until Richard Lionheart stopped by at his trips to Jerusalem. There was an argument of some kind, and Richard didn't stop until he had destroyed every column.

Down the drains

Archaeologists have been working here, and they found a remarkable amount of water pipes, for the transport of water to the thermae, and to bring wastewater and rainwater outside the city.

Pipes in black&white

Half a year ago we picked up black-and-white photography. So, now and then there is an occasional black-and-white photo in our series.
White rocks

Governors Beach

Not far from Lemesos you can find Governors Beach. The original name is almost forgotten since the British governor went bathing here. It is a place with remarkable white rocks and a pebble beach.

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