Tro÷dos mountains

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Tro÷dos is the name of the mountainous part of Cyprus, the inland region between Lemesos and Lefkosia. It is a large area, mainly covered with pine trees. There are a few asphalted roads, and lots of dirt-tracks. There is hardly any traffic on those dirt-tracks, so it's good for walking.

Op pad !!!


Between the trees you can find several picnic places. This one is prepared for a sunny summer day, when hundreds of people come and have a picnic. It is winter now, so there is no-one here, apart from us.

The Olympus is the highest mountains of Cyprus. With 1,950 meters it is a pretty high peak, in wintertime there is often snow (though not today). Cypriots seem to be fond of putting things on mountain peaks. Most favourite is a monastery, but at the Olympus they ran out of monks. A radar-installation is the near-best thing to crown a peak with.

Mount Olympus

Kebab house

Tro÷dos Resort is hardly a village. There is a hotel, and there are restaurants, shops and kebab-sellers like this man. In the caravan behind him you can buy a drink, and the kebab the man roasted for you is put between the bread, with some salad. On Sundays there are a lot of Cypriots coming, looking and be seen. 

Of course, you can also buy some sweets for your kids or your little sister at home. We don't have kids, and although Mirjam does have a little sister (she's only 1.52m), we don't think she has the right age to appreciate this.


Cyprus Ski Club

As we said, in Tro÷dos there can be snow. There is even a ski club, as this sign proves. Today, there's no snow (not today at least) and the club is closed. Since we don't like skiing anyway, we don't mind at all.

Snow in Tro÷dos

When we come to Tro÷dos a few days later, there is even some snow to be found. In our village, close to the shore, we had some rain during the night. In the mountains, this results in beautiful pictures. And of course, you can throw snow balls at the photographer.

At few more days later, Tro÷dos resort had about 40 centimeters of snow. The roads were being cleared, not only by this man, but also by shovels. However, the walking trails were still covered. Since we didn't bring our tennis rackets (or the ones especially designed for snow walking), we only took a picture and left to a lower area.

Clearing the road

Throwing snowballs

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